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The student loan is a special form of installment loan. It is awarded exclusively to students who use it to finance purchases that are directly related to their studies. This can be, for example, the home furnishings in the dorm room.

Where can I get a cheap student loan? – Which bank awards cheap student loans?

A distinction must be made between the student loan of a normal bank and the student loan from Intrasavings-Bank. The student loan at the bank is usually paid in full and paid in monthly installments. Since it is a student loan, the terms are usually quite long and the repayment installments are low. A student loan from Intrasavings-Bank is paid in monthly installments and serves to cover the student’s current expenses. The repayment of the student loan does not take place immediately, but only later, when the student has entered professional life. Both types of loans offer very favorable interest rates, so they are very interesting for students.

What advantages does a student loan have?

What advantages does a student loan have?

The student loan represents a great financial aid in the study. Whether it is a loan, with the larger purchases are paid or a Intrasavings loan, with which the running costs can be covered, is secondary. The advantage is obvious. The student loan helps students cover their costs. Many students could not afford a course of study and its costs without financial help. It is also particularly practical that the student loan is awarded regardless of the income of the parents. There is neither a credit check, nor collateral must be deposited. Only the age of 31 years must not have exceeded. It goes without saying that the interest rates on the student loan are particularly low and the repayment can be made flexible and adapted to the life situation of students.

What are the disadvantages of a student loan?

What are the disadvantages of a student loan?

As many advantages of the student loan brings with it, it still has one or the other disadvantage. The total cost of the student loan adds up over time and is well above those that would be incurred in a Credit Aid support. The Credit Aid is an interest-free student loan and only has to be repaid in half. Another disadvantage is that enrollment notices must be submitted, as well as evidence of the state of study. Once a certificate of performance is not presented or more than two leave semester are inserted, the payment will be suspended. The disadvantage of a Intrasavings student loan is that interest rates can rise during the repayment term. But for students it is possible to agree fixed interest for a maximum of 10 years. Talk to your bank adviser.

How do you get a Intrasavings Student Loan?

How do you get a Intrasavings Student Loan?

Intrasavings student loans are offered by banks such as Zintelsbank, Matabank or Bankate.
But other credit intermediaries also offer the Intrasavings Student Loan for student financing.

Further important information about the student loan can be found in this article from Wikipedia.

Student Loan Alternatives – What’s Better Than a Loan?

Student Loan Alternatives - What

Before you take out a credit for studying, consider other ways of financing your studies. If it is a first degree, parents are required by law to provide financial support. Thus, the child benefit, which parents receive until the 25th birthday of their child, can be used to finance the study.

Perhaps also a financial support in the form of a scholarship in question. For more important information, see the scholarship article from Wikipedia.

The German state also supports students with the student loan. Further important information can be found in the Credit Aid article from Wikipedia.

Construction loan – Pay attention to what?


The construction loan comes into play when there is insufficient financial means to realize a construction project. Once a construction loan is completed, the bank takes over the bills for construction and debits the loan. Before concluding the loan you should have thoroughly informed yourself about the basic conditions.

What should one pay attention to when building loan admission?

Since the construction loan usually has long terms, it is important that all details are adapted to the personal circumstances of the borrower.

The repayment rate for real estate financing

The repayment rate has a direct influence on the duration of the repayment. If you choose a higher repayment installment, the loan will be repaid faster than if you choose a low repayment installment. The amount of the repayment installment, together with the interest, ultimately yields the monthly installment. Which repayment rate you choose depends on how your own financial options are. In general, you should always strive to aim for a fairly quick repayment of the real estate loan and therefore choose the highest repayment rate that you can. If you take out a construction loan only when you are very old, you should first of all carefully consider whether you can afford the credit installment even at retirement age.

Flexible repayment rates for construction loans

Flexible repayment rates for construction loans

In order to be able to adjust the building loan to your personal circumstances at any time, you should choose a loan with a flexible repayment rate. This is usually associated with higher costs. It is best to calculate exactly how this will affect you. Some flexibility is so important because you never know in advance which changes will occur in your life. You may become unemployed and will have to turn over every cent twice in the future, so a lower repayment rate would suit you here. Or you get a salary increase, which allows you to pay a significantly higher amount.

On what you should pay attention to the construction loan

On what you should pay attention to the construction loan

Another aspect that should not go unnoticed in mortgage lending is the borrowing rate. This determines how long you can pay off your loan installment at a specific interest rate. As interest rates rise or fall steadily, this is a security for the builders. This can thus plan its construction loan rate in the longer term. In most cases, a longer interest rate commitment for low interest rates but also higher costs on the part of the bank. It is therefore important to carefully consider which individual decisions you make when you conclude a construction loan.

Compare current construction loan interest rates for mortgage lending

Compare current construction loan interest rates for mortgage lending

What are the interest rates? Which building loan provider currently has good interest rates? The current interest rates on a home loan can be used by future builders to find a building loan comparison for free. With a compound interest comparison you are able to determine the monthly mortgage rate.

Buy credit for home purchase – condominium

A home purchase for personal use, is currently considered by many financial experts as an investment and secure retirement. Few people can afford to buy an apartment out of their saved money. A home purchase loan is currently available at low interest rates.

The conditions of the banks and financial service providers are quite different. To get an initial overview of the credit costs of a real estate purchase use the real estate loan calculator.

Before you buy a flat, an apartment there are a few important questions in the room.
Do you know your monthly or annual income and expenses? – Get an accurate overview of your finances.

Do you have equity for the home purchase? Financing without equity for housing purchase is possible, but these loans are costly and are not suitable for normal earners. For a solid financing of your condominium, there should be at least twenty percent equity.

Which apartment to buy is right for me – Will I pay the right price for the property?

Which apartment to buy is right for me - Will I pay the right price for the property?

To answer this question, please go through the following questions and work out a personal checklist for the home purchase.

  • How much space do you need, how big should the apartment be (family planning)?
  • What is the distance to the workplace (position of the property)?
  • Are there shopping, transport links, doctor, kindergarten, school nearby (location of the apartment)?
  • Are there disturbing environmental influences in the vicinity (power plant, airport, wind farm, motorway noise)?
  • Are there any plans in the near future for the construction of a wind farm or motorway in the vicinity of the property? To find out, visit the responsible building authority and take a look at the land use plan and the development plan!
  • What is the equipment of the apartment and the house (underfloor heating, balcony, open kitchen, bathroom with window, view, elevator, floor, cellar, courtyard)
  • Is the acquisition a used property?
  • Is a modernization, renovation (insulation, insulation) or a conversion of the rooms necessary?
  • Is it possible to estimate the resale value of the condominium?

Inquire before buying the apartment about the amount of the payable house money!

Inquire before buying the apartment about the amount of the payable house money!

The residential property of a self-occupied condominium consists of the special property and the community property. The homeowner has the obligation to pay the homeownership a monthly home allowance. The costs of the maintenance, repair and administration are financed with the money from the household.

Now that you have found the right apartment, create a list in which all the acquisition costs are enumerated. Make sure that you can also handle the running costs (house money, insurance) of the apartment.

Now determine how much money you can spend each month on the loan installments.

Compare with the real estate loan calculator the current loan rates for the purchase of your condominium.